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As a car manufacturer in its own right since 1983, we have partnered with BMW on and off the racing circuit for more than 40 years, collaborating on technological development and producing a steady stream of groundbreaking innovations which are reflected in our automobiles. The BMW ALPINA range is like no other, combining luxury and understated exclusivity with exceptional power and ability. Combining the ALPINA philosophy and engineering with the benefits of BMW engine technology, especially with regards to efficiency and emissions, results in a combination of effortless high-performance, in petrol and diesel form, but not at environmental cost.

The close collaboration between ALPINA and BMW is evident across all stages of the inception of a new model. Working closely with BMW, we begin simultaneous development and testing, long before a new model is launched, ensuring each BMW ALPINA builds upon the virtues of its BMW counterpart. ALPINA provides all necessary technical information and replacement parts to the BMW network, meaning servicing and warranty work is fully integrated and carried out in the normal way - at any BMW dealer.


As the only company to work on engine and chassis development with BMW's official approval, we tailor our range of automobiles to the demands of sports car cognoscenti - highly experienced drivers who combine a love of power and performance with a taste for luxury and quality of life.

Often 'graduating' to ALPINA ownership after a succession of other thrilling cars, this privileged minority - fewer than 1500 ALPINAs are produced annually -  have discovered that refinement, comfort, stunning lines and speed can combine with 'real world' practicality.