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Convertible Indulgence and Coupé Culture

The harmonious and skilful set-up of the automobile as a seamless whole - a signature trait of all BMW ALPINAs - is especially imparted on the B6 Bi-Turbo.

Sovereign power and torque guarantee excellent driving performance. Neutral handling, agile dynamics and versatile adjustable suspension satisfy the highest demands for sport and comfort. Warm ambience, luxurious materials and the realisation of bespoke interiors guarantee a sense of well-being at all times.

ALPINA gives the B6 Bi-Turbo an independent and imposing appearance that discreetly stages its sporting character. The Convertible - with a classic canvas roof that opens in seconds - offers an intense experience for all senses. The Coupé appears focussed and muscular, expressing an energetic eagerness to get going on the road.