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ALPINA Wheel History


From the very beginning, wheel design has played an important role at ALPINA, decidedly influencing the brand’s identity. Even as technical refinements were made with each further engineering development, the basic design language of the ALPINA CLASSIC wheel, with its traditional 20 spokes in a star-shaped array, has remained unchanged and unmistakable.

The black hub cover with the ALPINA roundel was a particular distinguishing feature of first-generation ALPINA wheels. The cast-aluminium centre hub cover, with its integrated brass cylinder lock mechanism, signified the first evolution of the CLASSIC wheel. It helps protect ALPINA wheels from foreign intrusion.

In the newest generation of the ALPINA CLASSIC wheel, advanced technology allows easy access to the brass cylinder lock by simply „rotating away” the ALPINA roundel. One elegant solution remains unchanged: the „hiding” of the tyre valve, integrated in the hub, under the cover, and out of harm's way.

In terms of optimum use of material, ALPINA wheels represent the very zenith in technology – the combination of modified aluminium alloys and heat-treatment cycles make ALPINA CLASSIC wheels much stiffer while remaining incredibly light weight. ALPINA wheels thereby really do earn the right to be called a „light alloy wheels”.